NMI Presentations

This page contains links to a variety of powerpoint presentations and word documents to supplement the Living Mission materials and/or present monthly NMI emphases.

To view documents and presentations click on the name of the file. (It will open in a new window.)

To download the presentations and documents right-click on the link and select 'save target as.' (Wording may be different depending on your browser of choice.)

International Educational Ministries document               International Educational Ministries powerpoint

LINKS and Women in Missions document                LINKS and Women in Missions powerpoint

Alabaster and Child Labor Abuse document             Alabaster and Child Labor Abuse powerpoint

Priority One and Clean Water document           Geo-Evangelism with Water powerpoint

WEF and Women's Ministries Issues document          WEF and Women's Issues powerpoint

Global Melting Pot document               Compassionate Ministries Global Melting Pot powerpoint

Ministry to the Disabled document                Ministry to the Disabled and Work and Witness powerpoint

The Sanctity of Life document                    The Sanctity of Life and Alabaster powerpoint

Alabaster Powerpoint                                  The Call to Missions